Contemporary, Efficient Methodology and Continuing Education for Law Enforcement to Evaluate Cold (Unresolved) Cases.

      The CRUC’s primary mission has, and will always be, to assist in the resolution of unresolved cases. While consultants from The CRUC have previously consulted on family requests, we now exist solely for serving and training law enforcement. Our consultants are highly trained, have terminal degrees in their field of expertise, and decades of experience among them. We understand that you are struggling with your caseloads. We understand there is not enough time in the day, money in the budget, or enough personnel to handle these matters. We also understand that forensic capabilities have increased dramatically in recent years.
     Just because certain testing has not been done, or if the investigation has remained stagnant, we are not here to stand in judgment – hindsight is always 20/20 – this is the beauty of unresolved cases: all the information you need is right in front of you, we just have to know what to look for – that one piece. In fact, Dr. Robert Keppel, who was instrumental in solving Theodore “Ted” Bundy and Gary Ridgeway (The Green River Killer) cases, discovered in his research that in 95% of “cold” cases, the perpetrator’s name will appear in the case file in the first 30 days. Our team can help you find that person based on our unique, and scientifically proven methodologies. We can also provide extensive training to your investigative personnel so you will have the tools to conduct case reviews using our methodology.

     Our team can assist your agency in two critical ways:

A. Conduct an in-depth review of your unresolved cases (confidentiality agreements are signed with all law enforcement agencies), and provide a thorough report and briefing to your personnel to include the following:
       1. Case Summary
       2. Crime Scene Analysis
       3. Timelines
       4. Victim
       5. Persons of Interest
       6. Crime Scene
       7. Investigative
       8. Forensic
       9. Victimology
      10. Suspectology
      11. Interview & Interrogation Strategies
      12. Forensic Testing Recommendations
      13. Comprehensive Investigative Follow-Up Plan

B. Continuing Education Seminars
      Our team is able to conduct both in person and virtual education sessions with your investigative personnel and appropriate supervisors. The continuing education program will be comprised of three days of lectures:
      1. Day 1:
          a. The Cold Case Concept
          b. Historical Overview
      2. Day 2:
          a. Understanding Homicides
          b. Cold Case Unit Design
      3. Day 3:
          a. The Evaluation Process
          b. Investigative Follow-Up Strategies

     Following these three days of intense study, your agency will be asked to select a case to review independently. We would ask that one month from the date of training, that your investigative personnel provide us with a presentation of said case, so that we can discuss the findings as a group