John W. Drawec, Esq.

John W. Drawec

John W. Drawec has been a Massachusetts attorney for over twenty years.  He is a retired Detective Lieutenant for the Massachusetts State Police where he was a supervisor in crime scene response and an internal affairs investigator.  John also was assigned as an instructor in law as a member of the Massachusetts State Police Academy. 
After retiring from the Massachusetts State Police, John worked as the Director of Forensic Sciences at Western New England University, where he developed the Forensic Biology and Forensic Chemistry majors through curriculum development and increased laboratory sessions within each major.  John left academia in 2019 and was bestowed the title of Professor Emeritus upon his retirement.

During his duties with the State Police and the University, John received advanced training in all aspects of forensic science disciplines and has completed basic and advanced training in homicide investigation, blood stain pattern reconstruction, friction ridge skin classification and identification, and footwear examination.  He has testified numerous times as a forensic expert and investigator in many death cases, including high profile homicides. John continues to consult for law enforcement agencies in unresolved case and forensic evidence analysis.