Sarah L. Stein, PhD

Dr. Sarah L. Stein

Dr. Sarah L. Stein is a consultant and co-founder for The Center for the Resolution of Unresolved Crime. She was awarded her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice in 2012; her dissertation was entitled The Cultural Complex of Innocence: An Examination of the Social and Media Construction of Missing White Woman Syndrome. She received her Master’s in Forensic Science with a concentration in Advanced Investigation and a certificate in Computer Forensics in 2007 and her Bachelor’s in 2004 was a self-designed major entitled The Victimology of Pedophilia. She has consulted for numerous families and law enforcement agencies regarding unresolved crimes and has taught at three Universities in Georgia and Massachusetts. She has co-authored two texts on Cold Cases, and published several articles related to the topic. Her two most recent literary contributions have been a chapter, Politics of Murder & the Challenges of Cold Cases, in the text entitled, Survivors: Shocking True Stories About America’s Pursuit of Police Transparency & Justice (2019), compiled by Dennis N. Griffin of The Transparency Project, and a chapter, “Criminals”: The Shadow Bearers of Society in Map of the Soul: Shadow, Our Hidden Self (Stein, Buser, Cruz, & Stein, 2020). Stein has also recently published the first volume in her series, When Criminal Justice Fails, Who Took Molly Bish? (2020), which explores the shortcomings of the criminal justice system through Molly’s case, which Stein consulted on pro bono for nearly fifteen years.

Dr. Stein’s areas of expertise include cold cases, victimology, suspectology, behavioral and crime scene analysis, missing persons, interviews and interrogations, the social phenomenon of missing white woman syndrome, and how the influence of politics can affect progress and outcomes of unresolved cases. She consults and teaches regularly for law enforcement agencies and provides guidance for families in the United States and internationally.

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